A Little About Me...

I’ve had a lot of varying job experiences in my life, and so far, this one feels like home to me.

My Mom and Dad gave me a brownie camera to take to church camp when I was in 4th grade and I think that sealed the deal for my fascination with photography! I dabbled here and there, and when my twin boys started to play hockey, I picked up my camera more frequently to be able to stand by the glass and avoid the crazy hockey parent conversations! {I love you, but you know who you are  :) }  

Seriously, the ability to meet new people, go new places, have fun and capture the moments where you can see and feel the emotion, interaction and love, is so rewarding! 

Photography is my passion!!


Random Facts About Me...

* I love my children fiercely {they might say too much so}

* I can name most outdoor plants, animals, bird calls and insects  {thanks Dad}

* I have “scraped teeth” on and off for 34 years YIKES!

* I have the best friends in the world xoxo

* My brothers called me Zestab as a kid

* I can cook and bake {thanks Mom}

* I have Ringling trapeze experience on my resume

* My recipe box has mostly chocolate recipes

* I’d move back to Sudtirol, Italy in a heartbeat

* I speak four languages

* I love Hockey

* I sing along in the car and love going to concerts

* I love the feeling I get in a setting of spiritual reflection

* The sound of giggling makes me happy {pipsy}

* My husband Dave has been a rock through thick and thin and I couldn’t do this without him xoxo